7 – Planet

Planet: Being ‘green’ makes you ‘green’!

People, Planet, Profit, Pleasure!  When you use less resources you save money!

The less resources you use to make your product of service connects to your profitability. It is a very simple rule. Wasteful practices are not only unprofitable but they are also bad for the planet.

Living Sustainably through Social Enterprise

Try to examine every facet of the making and marketing of your social enterprise product or service. Then think of ways you can make it use less.

When you look at the Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community you can easily see how eco-friendly policies also save money. This in turn allows us to offer rain forest lodgings and volunteer programs in Hawaii at a very affordable price.

Being green is basically ‘accounting’ but in a different way! In order to be sustainable, what you take from the planet you should put back. And the less you use the more you make!

What’s Good for the Planet is Good for Sustainable Enterprise

No matter what your cause is, how you get there is very important.

  1. Reduce. When you reduce the energy or resources you need to create your product or service you save money.
  2. Re-use. Buying second hand equipment in a bankruptcy sale or reusing certain materials as long as they can be used is also a way to save money.
  3. Recycle. This is not just about bottles and cans! Taking old things and making them into something else that is useful for your enterprise is another way to save money.

For example, let’s say your enterprise cause is selling a Lipstick shaped spray anti-rape device . It may indeed help women in some regions but if the spray is toxic then it is not good for the planet and thus not sustainable as a business model. However, if you develop a spray that is non-toxic or even beneficial and yet packs a knock-out punch and continually try in every stage of production and promotion to reduce, reuse, recycle then you will develop a business model that not only addresses a need but is also doing so in a way that reduces costs and is thus more sustainable.

Basically we would advocate energy and environmental efficiencies at every stage of development, testing, promotion, marketing, paperwork and so on. For instance, in old school thinking you needed a ‘paper trail’ for many aspects of business operations.

Increasingly, we are finding that it is possible to reduce our papers need immensely. Much of our office work is conducted electronically thus saving the need for paper and printers etc.

When you save money you are in effect making money! For example, we recycled tires and used them in our trails at our community in Hawaii. It is one of the many ways we have saved thousands of dollars by being eco-friendly in our operations.

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