Activist Entrepreneur eCourse

Activist Entrepreneur eCourse

Practices & Principles for using the tools of capitalism to change the law to further feminist, environmental and other socially progressive causes. (And to give yourself a meaningful job in the process!)

Starting a business is like growing a fruit tree. A lot of effort is required in the beginning and a lot of patience. But once your tree is fruitful it requires less maintenance but will give you great bounty!

1) Preparing the Ground

  • 1a) PICK your PASSION! What problems in the world make you angry? What would make for a more pleasurable world?
  • 1b) PRODUCT or Service: Making a Difference by Fulfilling a Need “DO YOUR RESEARCH What product or service can play a role to help ‘solve’ the problem you are passionate about?
  • 1c) PRACTICALITY: Will Your Idea Hold Up to Stress or Challenge?  PUT IT TO THE TEST. What challenges should you consider with your new business?”

 2) Planting & Watering

  • 2a) POWER PHILOSOPHY: What will be the power basis of your enterprise? Sole owner or partners?
  • 2b) PLACE & POLITICS: Location, location, location! Pick your place! Pick your politics!  Changing the System – Know Your Rights and Use Them!
  • 2c) PLANNING & PRODUCTION: Research, identify and prepare what you will need to get your business started.
  • 2d) PRINCIPAL: The advantage of being an activist entrepreneur is that there are more avenues to raise funds than traditional small businesses. What financial resources will you need and how will you get them in an ethical way?

3) Sprouting the Seed

  • 3a) PEOPLE: A Social Enterprise is a community of people working towards common social goals.
  • 3b) PLANET: What’s Good for the Planet is Good for Business = SUSTAINABLE ENTERPRISE.
  • 3c) PRINCIPLES: Radical Transparency. An Honest Transparent Mission Statement is the best policy for a sustainable activist enterprise.

4) Nurturing & Growth

  • 4a) POLITICS & PROTEST: The Government and Political Activism in an Activist Enterprise. 
  • 4b) PROFIT & PURPOSE: Making Business Sustainable by Making an Income “MORAL INCOME: Making Money from Doing Good”. 
  • 4c) PUBLIC RELATIONS & PURITY: Ethics and Honesty Sell Themselves “GOOD PR Make Your Ethics Known. 

5) Protection from Pests

  • 5a) PESSIMISM & PERSEVERANCE: “DESPAIR: Can I Really Make a Difference?” Putting Things in Perspective “LEARN FROM YOUR EXPERIENCES Turning Shit into Compost for New Growth”. 
  • 5b) PROTECTION & PREVENTIONDefending Your Vision When Predators Try to Bring You Down. 

6) The Fruits of your Labor