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A Yin-Yang Path to Pleasure & Peace for the Planet

The fight for women's rights is universal. Females are unequal to males in every country of the world. As a result, there is a form of feminism in every country. However, the tactics and methodology of women along with the male response have also been different in every country. With certain forms of feminism, there have been unintended and unforeseen consequences.

Modern American feminism has its roots in universities It has been called "Fainting Couch Feminism," by former professor Christina Hoff Sommers. College-educated women who despite having more rights and opportunities than any women in history instead have a focus on their victimization. 

Anglo-American feminism has a focus on ideology, not biology. It has almost nothing good to say about men. However, it does have many collective judgments of males with terms like "toxic masculinity", "objectification of women" and "rape culture".

Due to its cultural, economic, and social power, American feminism is affecting women across the world. And not in a good way.

Defensive Violence & Gender Equality

Female Physical Empowerment leads to Female Sexual Empowerment!

Jungle Queen Warrior Woman Mural - From Pre-Volcano Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Feminist Community.

Why is it that women should suffer so much at the hands of men? Is it their pre-ordained lot in life? The burden of their gender? Is it built into a woman's genetic code that she should be passive and receiving while men are thrusting and aggressive? Will women always have to bear the cross of suffering while Patriarchy whips them from behind?

In Warrior WoMan, we look at sex, violence, free speech, and feminism from a cultural perspective. We argue that empowering women to defend themselves is better for women and men than the current focus on victimization which is a product of American feminism.

Female defensive violence helps bridge the power divide between the genders resulting in more peace in society and for individuals. 

Rather than learning to defend themselves, from a young, impressionable age, girls are taught to wait for a man to come and save them.

American feminists may decry fairy tales and movies featuring a beautiful damsel in distress, waiting for the impeccable timing of a Prince Charming to swoop in and save her. However, young women are still taught to need society to continually create new laws or company policies to protect them.

Sexual Equalism

Yin-Yang Feminism for genuine gender equality

There is another unique aspect of American and Western feminism. The Sexual Revolution giving women unprecedented sexual rights and powers is a societal trend that only happened in the West.

It was also enjoyed mainly by mostly white women. No brown or black dominant country had a sexual revolution that gave women the right to enjoy the panoply of sexual options that their white Western sisters have.

A woman who makes love out of desire, not duty is not under the control of men. There are very few places where women have that kind of sexual equality. The countries of the West are still the most advanced in terms of women's rights. It shows in the sexuality of Western women who are free to enjoy themselves in ways that they choose.

Unlike African, Nicaraguan, Indian, Muslim, or many other women from the Global South, a Western woman does not face death or jail if she chooses to be a porn star, stripper or simply to have sex with someone before marriage.

And yet, with Anglo-American feminism, there is little celebration of their unique status in the world. As we witnessed firsthand at our pre-volcano ecofeminist community in Hawaii, young women of America have become increasingly fragile and sensitive to "micro-aggressions" or the "male gaze". The rate of mental illness requiring prescription drugs among American women is one of the highest in the world. 

Warrior WoMan is a critique of the Anglo-American model of feminism while also looking at some policies and practices of women elsewhere in the world that are more harmonious to both genders.

This is an open-source book project. We welcome voices and input to challenge or support the ideas we are presenting.

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