Cougars for World Peace

How Intergenerational Friendships & Relationships Can Benefit Society

Cougars for World Peace is about sexuality, intimacy, and the generational divide in the modern world. It is not your typical dry, overly-academic approach to social issues. It has a warm, human, conversational tone -- which makes it a much more enjoyable read.

Male & Female Substitutes for Sex

There are many stories and data on violence being linked to sexual repression in young men. There are also stories of unhealthy consumerism due to the sexual frustration felt by many older women.

The author has lived a full and colorful life in which he was around people of a variety of different backgrounds, and those people had a positive impact on his life. It feels like a memoir in some parts and a conversation.

Cougars for World Peace

Cougars for World Peace

Using anecdotes and stories from his travels around the world the author looks at two particular demographics, older women and younger men, and the effects they have on the broader society.

We don't have much cultural or anecdotal data on older women who enjoy intimate relationships with younger partners. Any supporting research from an international perspective is welcome.

Cougars for World Peace Survey Questionnaire. Because so few studies have been done on these subjects we are doing our own survey. If you are an older person who enjoyed a relationship with a younger person or vice versa we would love to hear from you.

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