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The Hedonisia Open-Source Book Trilogy

The author is enthusiastic about open discussion and ideas but not so arrogant as to think he has the only ideas or speaks with objective truth.

This is the conceit of many writers, authors, thinkers, politicians, and humans in general. We tend to have hardened beliefs and ideologies and only seek affirmations of our ideas, not challenges. We ignore or dismiss the voices we disagree with.

Science shows that the human body does better when challenged by at least a few bacteria to build up resistance and resilience. The same is true for a person's ideas or ideology.

If someone can develop an idea and put it up in the virtual town square to be challenged, it forces them to articulate the defense of their ideas when they come under inevitable attack. Ideas, like human bodies, get stronger if tested and challenged. Or they die.

Hedonisia Book Trilogy - Pleasurable Activism Publications

In a world of arguments and accusations, these three books contain ideas that can shift some of the divisiveness that exists in many of the countries we live in.

There are very few international studies of these subjects. For example, who is comparing the effectiveness of American feminism versus the fights for gender equality in other countries? Data and statistics can point out broad trends and give you the big picture of a society. However, studies, statistics, and data do not have emotional resonance.

Many of our readers and volunteer editors have commented on how they like the personal stories and anecdotes from my travels. The ideas that underpin this trilogy stem from my in-depth living and observing how different people are with living and loving on this planet. As a result, these books are semi-autobiographical.

Three broad issues are discussed in this trilogy, freedom of speech in a diverse world, advocating for women to have the tools and training for defensive violence along with a critique and comparison of Anglo-American feminism, and the potential benefits to society of mentor friendships or intimate relations between younger adult men and mature women.

The Hedonisia Book Trilogy

1. Talking Sh*t & Sugar: Free Speech & Humor in a Sensitive, Diverse World

An accusation of prejudice is serious. In today's world, it can have social, economic, and even legal consequences. Implying prejudice when offended is a great censor of free speech. It can also create animosity. If a person feels accused of being prejudiced, they might hang out with others who also feel unfairly accused. Right-wing populism is growing in the US and Europe as a reaction.

Using shit as a literal expression as well as a metaphor, we look at problems with being able to enjoy free speech in a "woke" world and conversational tools to address offense when it occurs and accusations of prejudice are getting ready to be hurled.

2. Warrior WoMan: A Yin-Yang Path to Pleasure & Peace for the Planet

Inside every woman is a man and inside every man is a woman. The amount we share is on a spectrum between masculine women and feminine men. As the Chinese Yin-Yang symbol suggests, there is a constant push and pull of the masculine and feminine. They overlap yet are equal. We do not have to fight or undergo costly surgeries as we already have elements of the other within ourselves.

Anglo-American feminism is the most influential form of feminism in the world. It is also the style of feminism that has had some of the worst outcomes for women, men, and people of color. It has an outsize influence on seemingly unrelated issues like homelessness, race relations, and the cauldron of violence also known as the Middle East. I compare it to other forms of feminism that are more effective and incorporate men as partners rather than dismissing them for their "toxic masculinity."

3. Cougars for World Peace: Benefits to Society of Mentor Relationships

The thesis of this book is to make a case for the benefits of bringing together older women and younger men in different kinds of intimate relationship settings.

Cougars for World Peace is intended for an international audience. Similar challenges are faced by older women and younger men throughout the world. 

The research on older women and sexuality across the world is sparse. It has not been a subject of interest. Very few have speculated about how these two groups can benefit each other and the planet in general.

The author, Mojo Mustapha, when a young man, did have intimate mentoring friendships with women who were older than him. They were a crucial part of the reason why he continues working on women's issues to this day.

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When one person has a big idea it is an opinion. When the voices of many are incorporated, the result is more comprehensive and closer to the truth.

All these books take a big-picture look at societies in the world with novel solutions We welcome your voice and support.

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