Activist Entrepreneur Video eCourse

How to create a business based on your values!

At Hedonisia, we work within the system on feminist, environmental and other socially progressive causes, both locally and internationally. We do this through creative activist entrepreneurship.

Activist Entrepreneur Ecourse
Activist Entrepreneur Ecourse

Through hard work and experimentation, we have developed a practical set of guidelines and ideas that have allowed us to continue to evolve and grow over the years and which can be applied by any idealistic person who ‘wants to change the world’.

As an Activist Entrepreneur you can:

  • Create a business embodying Community, Activist, Feminist, Environmental &/or EcoSex principles!
  • Address challenges on the planet and create meaningful jobs! 
  • Live Actively and Pleasurably with Conscious Capitalism!

Traditionally young people and many progressives such as environmentalists or feminists, argue that capitalism is exploitative.

And all too often it is. Donald Trump embodies every stereotype of negative capitalism. From corruption, nepotism, bribery, slumlord, shady real estate deals, his list goes on.

Young people have started political revolutions, often accompanied by a great deal of bloodshed, in order to start fresh without the stain of capitalism. The Communist revolutions of China and Russia were against capitalism. The Islamic revolution in Iran wanted to replace decadent capitalism with theocracy. All had millions of idealistic youth doing a lot of killing and dying to create a ‘perfect society’.

However, trade is the oldest of human enterprises and has great potential for good as well as corporate evil. In the Age of the Internet with its limitless potential, the youth of today have an opportunity to change capitalism from within!

In a time of high youth unemployment, few opportunities, and student debt, young people would serve themselves and the world better by making money in ethical activist businesses aligned with their values. Then they can play the same role as the oil companies do now, except they will be lobbying for good causes!

Progressive Political Capitalism!

The marijuana movement used capitalism to change the system from within! It took decades but now America, a conservative ‘War Against Drugs’ nation, has legal marijuana!

An Activist Entrepreneur has politics ingrained in the DNA of its company operations and Mission Statement. Businesses are meant to be around for a long time. It often takes forever to change laws in a democratic system.

This is why corporations and democracy work so well together for good and bad causes. However, at present in America, it is the Koch brothers, oil companies, chemical companies, and Big Pharma who lobby the most. They are can afford it as ‘the cost of doing business’!

However, many feminist, sex-positive and environmental movements still operate mostly in the realm of non-profits. Non-profits will never have the lobbying power of Big Pharma or Big Oil! The key is to create ‘good corporations’. Green corporations. Feminist corporations. Ethical Sex Positive corporations. Fundraising and lobbying events will be totally different!

As marijuana developed into a viable and established industry, those in the business created a ‘ganja lobby!’ There is already a Solar and Wind lobby because they are making money! Young techies, the founders of Google, Apple, Paypal, Facebook, Microsoft have done some bad things but also supported very good causes.

Activist Entrepreneur Principles

An Activist Entrepreneur embodies community, activism, feminism, and environmentalism as part of their business plan to create a product or service that, in a concrete way, improves society or the world we live in.

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b)Hedonisia Handbook on Sustainable Community Management. Through hard work and experimentation, we developed a practical set of guidelines to evolve and grow over the years into an ecotourist and ecofeminist community. This ebook is for those who wish to create an urban ‘micro-community’ in the city or an eco-community in the country!

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