Portland Micro-Community Apartment Roommate

With the destruction of the Hedonisia community by the Kilauea volcano, we have been forced to temporarily relocate our operations. Mojo the Community Director, is now living in Portland, OR.

He will continue working on the EcoFeminist Web Portfolio from Portland and manage the Hedonisia 2.0 Rebirth Crowdfund until it is possible to return and rebuild.

If you have an interest in our projects you can still help as a Virtual  Volunteer. If you plan to visit or live in Portland you can volunteer for reduced rent as a 'micro-community roommate'! 


Hedonisia Portland!

Portland Urban Micro-community Living Room
Hedonisia Portland! Living Room!

A community does not have to be on a big property like Hedonisia Hawaii.

Until we can return to Hawaii we want to demonstrate that a micro-community can be as small as 2 people living together in an apartment in the city!

As with many of the of the great cities in the world, it is very expensive to buy housing or land in Portland. So, our urban micro-community model is based on rental housing.

Currently, I have a roommate till February 18, 2019. I am taking reservations from that date forwards!

Portland Micro-Community Rental Ad! 

Portland Eco-Feminist Micro-Community
Spacious Living Room! Great for Yoga!

We seek a temporary roommate(s) at our 2-bedroom apartment located in SE Portland. Ideally, it would be someone who is attracted to the ecofeminist projects we manage but also are wanting to live in or visit Portland!

Applicants can enjoy a discount rent in exchange for volunteer support of work on the websites in our EcoFeminist Web Portfolio

At Hedonisia Hawaii, we found that volunteers, interns or guests were attracted to the eco-tourist or ecofeminist work we manage in our portfolio. Because we shared many of the same ideals, it was wonderful to live with them!

When we live with like-minded roommates, we are in a sense, creating a tiny apartment 'micro-community'!

Apartment Features

  • We are across the street from Mt Tabor Park which has lovely hiking trails.
  • The apartment complex is walking distance to a number of restaurants
  • one direct bus to downtown! We rent one of the two bedrooms.
  • Rentals can be for 2 - 12 months.
  • Price INCLUDES WIFI & Utilities.
  • The room is furnished with a queen memory foam mattress bed!
  • There is also a beautiful exposed brick wall in the living room.
  • You have access to a beautiful apartment swimming pool that is great in the summer!

Roommate Application Info & Requirements:

We call it a 'micro-community' because we want to attract applicants who wish to volunteer on the projects we are working on.

However, this is still a 'normal' rental in a traditional apartment complex. So regular apartment rental rules still apply!

  • Cost - $650 1st month rent.
  • Damage Deposit - $650
  • $55 payment for Background check & Application Fee
  • Personal Interview
  • Sorry, no pets as it is against apartment regulations!
  • Current & Previous Rental History (5 years if possible)
  • Signed Micro-Community Rental Agreement.

Couples' Rate

The apartment is a little small for a couple sharing with me when I’m there. So if I rent to a couple I require a higher rent as I will leave to go traveling and be out of the house more. If a couple wants to rent then it is $975 per month with two separate applications needed for the Background Checks.

And the maximum rental would be for 1 -6 months for couples

Volunteer for Rent Reduction!

Applicants with writing, research or tech skills who are interested in volunteer work on any of our web projects can do so in exchange for a reduction in rent!

If you work on any of our web projects, we lower the rent by $20 per hour up to a maximum of $100 rent reduction per month! However, if you are especially skilled, we can offer more hours for a greater reduction in rent!

Here are some of the projects you can choose to work on in Portland:

  • Hedonisia Eco-Feminist Web Portfolio: These are the activist and feminist entrepreneur sites managed by our community that deal with subjects such as reproductive rights, eco-feminist, female empowerment, and sex-positive feminism! Volunteers work on research, writing, database and site updates.
  • Video Editing: We create and edit many educational and instructional videos for our web projects. If you are proficient with video editing let us know!
  • Tech Volunteer. Especially for eco-feminists with advanced WordPress, Social Media or SEO experience, we have volunteer work for you!

Wishing you much aloha in Portland!

To find out more or to make an appointment for viewing please use the form below or call Mojo at 808-269-2825.

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Hedonisia Portland Micro-Community
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