Portland Micro-Community Apartment Roommate

Hedonisia Portland!

After the destruction of the Hedonisia community by the 2018 Kilauea volcano, Mojo the Community Director, moved to Portland OR.

He continues working on the Hedonisia EcoFeminist Web Portfolio and managing the Hedonisia Rebirth Crowdfund until it is possible to return and rebuild.

Portland Apartment Swimming Pool
Portland Apartment Swimming Pool!

A community does not have to be on land like Hedonisia Hawaii. A micro-community can be as small as 2 people living together in an apartment in the city!

At Hedonisia Hawaii, those who were attracted to our community projects often shared many of our ideals. They were wonderful to live with!

It is the same with our Portland apartment! When we live with like-minded roommates, we are in a sense, creating an apartment based ‘micro-community’! As such we tend to attract applicants who wish to volunteer on the ecofeminist web projects we are working on.

Even if they don’t end up working on our websites, we can have stuff to chat about! This is much nicer than living with a complete stranger!

As with many cities in the world, it is very expensive to buy housing or land in Portland. So, our Portland micro-community model is based on rental housing.

If you plan to visit or live in Portland you can volunteer for reduced rent as a ‘micro-community roommate’ or enjoy a private one bedroom rental at very affordable rates.

Apartment Features

  • Across the street from Mt Tabor Park which has lovely hiking trails.
  • Apartment complex is walking distance to a number of restaurants
  • One direct bus to downtown! We rent one of the two bedrooms.
  • You have access to a beautiful apartment swimming pool. Refreshing in the summer!
  • We provide dishes and furnishings.
  • There is no TV. However, you are free to bring your own!
  • Sorry no pets. It is against the Apartment Rules!
  • Living room is spacious with a beautiful exposed brick wall! Perfect for yoga!

Portland Apartment Rental Options

We offer 3 rental & volunteer possibilities:

1. Private Roommate:

Private Bedroom with Queen Bed
Private Bedroom with Queen Bed

This is a private room furnished with a queen mattress bed! It does face Division St so there is some muted traffic noise.

The room has a large closet, a desk and chair. f course you have access to the rest of the apartment.

  • $50 Flat Rate INCLUDES WIFI & Utilities.
  • $650 for first-month rent,
  • Security Deposit – $650.

This room is currently rented. However, my roommate might be leaving on March 15, 2020. At this point I will be looking for a new roommate. However, I can accept applications in advance.

2. Mojo Room

Mojo Portland Micro Community
Mojo Bedroom in Portland!

This is my room which I rent out while I’m traveling. It is a beautiful room with a queen bed and an exposed brick wall. I store all my personal belongings in a pop-up tent which is set up in the living room.  So you have a private room!

  • $550 per month.
  • $50 per month utility fee
  • Security Deposit – $600

I already have a guest for my next Hawaii trip from Dec 2019 to March 2020.

However, my next European trip is in 2020 where I travel to take care of my dad in England visit and my daughter in Germany.

I will be seeking a temporary guest from June 1 to July 7, 2020.

For this 5-week rental the price is $750. This breaks down to $550 rent for one month + $50 for one month utilities. The fifth week is at a flat rate of $150 per week.

Overlap periods: Depending on your timetable there may be some overlap where we would have to share the space. We can install a pop-up tent single bed in there for $450 for the month which can also be pro-rated. Price includes utilities and WIFI.

3. One-bedroom Apartment Rental!

Portland Eco-Feminist Micro-Community
Spacious Living Room with Fireplace!

This option is only available when I am traveling and if my current roommate leaves.

I lock my bedroom and so the apartment becomes a spacious 1-bedroom that is suitable for singles or couples.

  • Refundable Security Deposit – $1000
  • 1st Month Rent = $1015
  • $100 Flat Rate for Utilities: Electricity, Water, Basic Cable, Wifi.

Applicant Requirements to Reserve:

This is still a ‘normal’ rental in a traditional apartment complex. So regular apartment rules still apply!

  1. Read Apartment Rental Screening Criteria
  2. Call for telephone Interview & to visit apartment.
  3. Pay $55 Background check fee per person.
  4. Complete Tabor West Rental Application Form.
  5. If approved, a Security Deposit of one month rent is required to confirm date of arrival.
  6. Upon receipt of security deposit or full payment, you receive the key.
  7. You are now ready to move in on the date agreed!

Cancellation Fee. Please note there is a cancelation fee if you decide not to stay. It is 25% of your Security Deposit if cancelling more than two weeks before arrival date. This increases to 50% if within two weeks of your arrival date.

We charge a fee because once we have confirmed a reservation we start making travel plans. So it is very disruptive when a potential roommate cancels at the last moment!

Portland Micro-Community: Volunteer for Rent Reduction!

Roommates can enjoy a discount rent in exchange for volunteer support of work on the websites in our EcoFeminist Web Portfolio.

Applicants with writing, research or tech skills who are interested in volunteer work on any of our web projects can do so in exchange for a reduction in rent!

If you work on any of our web projects, we lower the rent by $20 per hour up to a maximum of $100 rent reduction per month! However, if you are especially skilled, we can offer more hours for a greater reduction in rent!

If you choose to be apply for the Volunteer Rent Reduction program, there is an additional Micro-Community Rental Agreement.

The volunteer program is optional. If you are too busy you can also simply pay the rent!

Here are some of the projects you can choose to work on in Portland:

  • Hedonisia Eco-Feminist Web Portfolio: These activist and feminist entrepreneur sites managed by our community deal with subjects like reproductive rights, eco-feminism, gender equality, and sex-positive feminism! Volunteers work on research, writing, database and site updates.
  • Video Editing: We create and edit many educational and instructional videos for our web projects. If you are proficient with video editing let us know!
  • Tech Volunteer. Advanced WordPress, Social Media or SEO experience required.
  • Self Publishing. Are you a writer who has already self-published? You can use your experience to help us with our book projects!

Wishing you much aloha in Portland!

To apply please use the form below:

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