Community Director

Mojo Mustapha - Community Director & Founder of Hedonisia

The Hedonisia property is the biggest asset of the community. So this loss has been devastating. To lose 92% of your assets and income in one day is one of the most stressful things that can happen to a person. It has been a painful adjustment.

However, we have only one life. So, despite the great sadness I feel inside, I try to keep a smile on my face and focus on work and rebuilding.

I have moved to Portland full time where I can continue to work on our EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Portfolio and do publicity outreach for our Crowdfund Campaign to Rebuild Hedonisia when it is possible.


Mojo on body work in hawaii
Mojo moving Strawberry Guava at Hedonisia

Mojo was born in England of Indian heritage with parents from Trinidad.

He studied Sociology and Women’s Studies at in Canada. After university, he started traveling. Thus far he has been to 37 countries.

He lived in many community settings around the world. An Israeli Kibbutz, a Japanese 'Gaijin House', a tantric community near Amsterdam and an Ashram in India were among the many alternative communities he was fortunate to have participated in.

When Mojo started Hedonisia Hawaii as a rainforest eco-hostel in 2004, it was a struggle to clean up the junk and trash on the land left by the previous owner. Nevertheless, the concept of community-based eco-tourism was an immediate success with visitors coming from around the world to enjoy the natural beauty of our land.

However, Mojo was not satisfied with settling down in a beautiful eco-hostel in paradise! Over time, Hedonisia slowly evolved from an eco-hostel to a community based on sustainable tourism and ecofeminism.

Hedonisia Portland Micro-Community!

Mojo calls his apartment a 'micro-community' as he continues to work with virtual and Portland based volunteers.

Portland has been called one of the most sex-positive cities in America as well as one of the most feminist. (The two ARE connected!) As a result, it provides one of the most conducive environments to work on the Hedonisia Eco-Feminist Web Portfolio!

As part of his work on sex-positive feminism, Mojo is a member and volunteer at Sex Positive Portland. SPP was founded in 2009. It has grown quickly to become one of the most ethical, sexually progressive umbrella organizations with 13 chapters around the world. Portland its home base.

SPP along with many other clubs and organizations in Portland have developed ethical Consent Culture Guidelines which form a template for the Consent Culture Community that is Hedonisia.