Hedonisia Handbook on Intentional Community Management

Manual for Intentional Community & Management

All communities are created with the best of intentions. Nobody wishes for their community to fail. However, even if a community is based on amazing philosophies and ideas, it can still destroy itself over little details like day-to-day operation, financial issues, and of course, personality clashes.

We offer a community development manual based on the 14-year success of the Pre-Volcano Hedonisia Hawaii Intentional Community.

If you want to do start a community by yourself and just need guidance, you can purchase the access to the Hedonisia Handbook and Activist Entrepreneur ebooks. These evolving and living ebooks were the philosophical foundation for the Hedonisia Hawaii Community. Principles can be applied to any intentional community.

Though our community was destroyed by the 2018 Kilauea volcanic eruption, the lessons we learned on how to Live in Community in the city or in the country live on. Since our founding in 2004, we developed practices that created harmony among members at Hedonisia while running a profitable eco-community.

To create a sustainable community or business is a great challenge. These guidelines can be applied to any community. The issues we faced are shared by many small communities around the world.

To be truly sustainable, an intentional community must be economically viable. Ideally, it should generate enough income from activities aligned with community values in order to grow and evolve. For example, the Hedonisia community funding is based on ecotourism and social entrepreneur projects with a focus on women’s issues.

Topics covered in the Hedonisia Handbook:

  • Community of Individuals
  • Property Project Management
  • Introduction to Social Enterprise
  • Sustainable Community OverviewCommunity Safety & Security
  • Hedonisia Eco-Practices
  • Ethical PR & Human Relations
  • ‘Black Hat’, ‘Grey Hat’ and ‘White Hat’ characters
  • Sustainable Community Management Guidelines
  • Working with Intern Community Manager Team Members

The Hedonisia Handbook is applicable to a community in the country or in the city. We use Hedonisia community guidelines in our Apartment in Portland.

The Hedonisia Handbook is an online resource only as it is continually updated. Here is a movie made about our community three years before the eruption. It describes the joys and challenges of living in an intentional community:

Through hard work and experimentation, we developed a practical set of guidelines to evolve and grow over the years into an ecotourist and ecofeminist community. This ebook is for those who wish to create an urban ‘micro-community’ in the city or an eco-community in the country.

Following the example of Mother Nature, we believe that continual evolution is the only way for a social enterprise to grow as it faces new challenges. So this is not a “static” ebook. As long as you are a member you will see updates.

Hedonisia Membership

For those who wish to start a business or a community aligned with values that are dear to them, please join as a member where you can learn how to do so from our lived and academic experience.

Hedonisia Member Access

Activist Entrepreneur eCourseSign up as a Hedonisia Virtual Community Member and receive access to:

  1. The Activist Entrepreneur. This is a video eCourse on how to create a business that is working through the political system to promote a socially progressive, feminist, or environmental cause.
  2. HedoFeminist Entrepreneur. Similar to Activist but with a focus on gender equality.
  3. Hedonisia Handbook on Sustainable Community Management. Our community may be lost to the volcano but we preserved our entire training materials and manuals.

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