Pele’s Flow – The Kilauea Volcano Eruption!

The Kilauea Volcano Destruction of Hedonisia Hawaii

On May 27, 2018, lava completely covered the Hedonisia Eco-Community. Our beautiful community is gone.

We have been urged by many of our past visitors to return and rebuild when it is safe to do so. In this spirit, we have set up a Rebirth Hedonisia 2.0 Crowdfund.

We appreciate the support of anyone who would like to make a contribution, no matter how small to help keep Hedonisia alive.

You do not have to donate! Please post about our story on your social media.

If you find any of our EcoFeminist Web Projects useful you are welcome to purchase access to those sites. Mahalo for your help in this time of need.

Hawaii Volcano Information Resources:

Loving Non-Attachment & Living on an Active Volcano

2018 Mojo at lava vent on Pohoiki Rd
May 10, 2018: Mojo at lava vent on Pohoiki Rd 1/2 km from Hedonisia. This area is now covered in lava.

One of the founding principles of the Hedonisia community is the Buddhist concept of "loving non-attachment".

We live in Lava Zone 1, on Kilauea Volcano's lower East Rift Zone. This is the area now erupting!

So we tried to live and love our community and worked hard improving it but to do so without attachment.

That is why we started using the principle of Loving Non-Attachment as a core part of our Activist Entrepreneur business model

Now it has been taken away in a flash of volcanic lava and our principle of loving non-attachment is now being tested as we grieve our loss.

The Hawai'ian Goddess Pele of Kilauea Volcano

Why we located here. A Community of Communities!

This is the land of Pele, ka wahine ʻai honua — the woman who eats the land. When we purchased the land that became Hedonisia, we knew there was always the possibility of a lava flow affecting us. After all, our location is officially designated as Lava Zone One!

Lava Beauty! Photo from a 2013 flow in Kalapana
Goddess Pele's Beauty! 2013 Kalapana flow

The intentional communities of the Puna region provide most of the green jobs and sustainable development in the Puna area. They are protected by the volcano but always with the possibility that everything built can be taken away in molten lava!

However, one of the strange benefits of living under an active volcano is that nobody can build a 5-star hotel here! Insurance rates and bank financing are very difficult to obtain in high lava zone areas.

As a result, high rise buildings, strip malls and other big development that have ruined much of Hawaii's natural beauty, is simply not feasible here. Property values are relatively low. This encourages idealistic people from around the world to move to Hawaii, buy land and start a community! (We would include ourselves in this category!)

Like most of the communities in Lower Puna, living in a high lava zone area gives us a little less interference from county officials. This can perhaps explain why more intentional communities are located here than in much of the USA, Europe and the world in general.

The lava flow has now destroyed or closed nearly all of the intentional communities in the region. However, this area is so special that we will return and rebuild even better in the future


Please Support our effort to rebuild our eco-community.

Rebirth Hedonisia 2.0 Crowdfund