Hedonisia Community Rebirth

Destruction & Creation – Moving Forward

This volcano lava flow is the saddest and most painful thing to happen to us. It is so ironic that the Goddess of the volcano Pele chose to completely destroy a community dedicated to female empowerment. Such are the ironies of life. ūüôĀ

Post Volcano Hedonisia
Post Volcano Hedonisia

Moving forward, these are our options and plans and ways that you can show support or be involved.

These are some of the options we are working on as ways to keep the Hedonisia concept alive.

We own another small piece of land. If it is spared from the current lava flow, it would make a great home for a beautiful cozy ‘Hedonisia Artist & Creative Colony‘!

We will also still continue working on the projects in our Activist & EcoFeminist Web Portfolio that made our community such a unique place!

Hedonisia Community Update – Post Volcano Projects

Many people are surprised to learn that, aside from Eco-Tourism, the Hedonisia community was involved in many Activist and EcoFeminist web projects.

Though we are still very very sad at the loss of our community due to the volcano, we haven’t given up!

We still offer a Virtual Volunteer Program! Though our community is gone for now as a physical entity, it is still is living online. Anyone can be a virtual volunteer on the projects we were working on prior to the volcano.

To be a virtual volunteer, simply look at the projects listed on our post-volcano Hedonisia.com. Choose the web projects you feel interest or have experience in.

Here is a quick overview of some of our most active projects, the stage of development we are with them, and what type of work we need on them.

  1. Activist Entrepreneur. Ecourse on how to create a business based on your ideals for making the world a better place. Need research for editing and updating content.
  2. EcoFeminist Entrepreneur.com: Ecourse on how to create a business supporting gender equality. (Preparing to create a course on Udemy.com)
  3. EcoSensual.org: Sex Positive Natural Birth Control Methods for Lovers. (Needs more time to complete and to complete printed book)
  4. SextoSavetheWorld.org: Using sexuality to create ethical companies that address social problems. Currently hosting discussion groups in Portland. Need help with research and writing for EcoSex Entrepreneneur ideas and Sapiosexual discussion topics.
  5. Tantric Ganja.com: A marijuana based aphrodisiac for female sexual empowerment and pleasure. (Needs at least $25,000 to create initial product test run.)
  6. World Art Erotica.com: A virtual museum of sensual art and literature from around the world. (Working but needs more time to complete and money to promote)
  7. Natural Miscarriage.org: Reproductive Rights Information for women in conservative and poor regions of the world. Successful but only small income.

We love working with volunteers who are passionate about the projects they choose!

During the course of their volunteer writing or research, they may discover an idea that might be their own business or career!

We give a Certificate of Appreciation for any volunteer work completed and can confirm contributions with written or telephone references to employers.

Long Term Hedonisia Post Volcano Plans

  1. Satellite Hedonisia Communities. We are negotiating with owners of three properties in the Puna area to offer variations of the Hedonisia volunteer, intern, and guest programs. One property is called Hedonisia Kunihi Nui and is located near steam vents from the recent eruption. And the other is tentatively called Hedonisia Lava Lookout as it has amazing views of the ocean and recent lava flow.
  2. Rebuild on the original land.¬†It will take time as roads are built again through the vast area that was covered by lava. ¬†Of the nearly 4 acres that comprised Hedonisia, about 3 acres are covered in lava and is 50 – 120 feet higher than before. However, there remains a large patch of green of about 1-acre in a beautiful C-shaped ‘kipuka’ which Ocean View was once part of.¬†Our new green oasis is approximately 1 acre in size. It would allow¬†us to still grow plants for our agriculture needs.

Send Donations for Immediate Assistance.

You can make direct donations with Paypal to help us with our immediate needs.