Hedonisia Community Rebirth 2.0

Destruction & Creation - Moving Forward

This volcano lava flow is the saddest and most painful thing to happen to us. It is so ironic that the Goddess of the volcano Pele chose to completely destroy a community dedicated to female empowerment. Such are the ironies of life. ūüôĀ

Lava Flow near to Hedonisia
Nearby Lava Flow

Moving forward, these are our options and plans and ways that you can show support or be involved.

These are some of the options we are working on as ways to keep the Hedonisia concept alive.

Priority One would be to relocate to another spot in Hawaii. We already own a small piece of land. If it is spared from the current lava flow, it would make a great home for a beautiful cozy 'Mini Hedonisia'! In addition, the Hawaii government is working on land swap legislation that might allow us to relocate.

Hedonisia Rebirth 2.0
Minimum Purchasing Supplies Needed
Solar panels
- GPS survey to mark property boundaries
- Building materials (lumber, roofing, screws, screens)
- Power and hand tools
- kitchen appliances
- laundry appliances
- new toilet and setup
- permits for at least one story building
- jungle style shower/kitchen/toilet
- 6 single beds
- 3 queen beds
- related bedding
- recycling and compost shed
- catchment tank for water
- solar water heater
- propane stove
- 2 refrigerators

If we exceed our goal we could buy one thing most requested at the old Hedonisia. And that would be an outdoor hot tub!

1) Hedonisia Hawaii Rebirth 2.0

To prepare for our eventual return, I have started a Hedonisia Rebirth 2.0 Crowdfund Campaign to help us rebuild.

If we achieve funding but for some reason cannot relocate to Hawaii, we will try to set up in Portland OR or another location.

2) Send Donations for Immediate Assistance.

You can make direct donations with Paypal to help us with our immediate needs.

3) EcoFeminist & Activist Entrepreneur Web Portfolio

Hedonisia was a 4-acre community in the paradise of Hawaii. However, as the world first EcoFeminist Community, we managed a number of web projects offering various services that support social or environmental goals.

If you don't want to donate you can still show your support by purchasing any of the services offered by our websites based on your interests:

  1. EcoFeminist Entrepreneur. Ecourse on how to create a business supporting gender equality.
  2. EcoSensual.org: Sex Positive Natural Birth Control Methods for Lovers
  3. Sex to Save the World! EcoSex Entrepreneur Ideas and Discussion Groups for working with sexuality to address social and environmental problems.
  4. Natural Abortion.org: Reproductive rights and info for sex-positive pro-choice women.
  5. Natural Miscarriage.org: Reproductive Rights Information for women in conservative and poor regions of the world.
  6. Tantric Ganja: A marijuana based aphrodisiac for female sexual empowerment and pleasure.
  7. Cougars for World Peace: An EcoSexual Entrepreneur book project.
  8. Mojo Lava Flow Youtube Channel: How Hedonisia is adapting and evolving after the volcano.
  9. World Art Erotica: A virtual museum of sensual art and literature from around the world.
  10. EcoFeminist Patron Fund: For as little as $2 a month, patrons support our projects and can gain access to all the above entrepreneur ebooks and eCourses!

5) Let the world know!

Even if you can't donate please donate, post on your Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, Tumblir, link to this page on your website or simply let your friends know by talking about it!