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Hedonisia Community Photo History

When we purchased the property in 2004 it was a junk yard filled with rusting vehicles. We persevered, and slowly the land evolved into a sustainable community based on eco-tourism!

Many meetings, friendships and connections have started at Hedonisia and then continued. Hedonisia “alumni” can see friends and people who were here when they were.

If you stayed here we invite you to send photos by email that you took at Hedonisia!

And if you are a brand new visitor, we hope you enjoy our meandering Photo History of Hedonisia. You can see why we love this place so much!

Hedonisia Eco-Community Photo History

Ocean View Lanai


Rollinia House Birdseyeview


Volunteers in Hawaii Community


Feminist Intern in Hawaii


Khalifa: our intellectual cat!


Fiona - Volunteer Intern from Denmark





Photos coming soon!


Photos coming soon!

Interns in Hawaii 2008



hawaii camping yoga


Eco-Kitchen Wall


Hawaiian hammock family


2018 Hedo Pics – RIP

We were on top of our game. 2018 was setting up to be the most successful year in our history. We had fantastic guests, volunteers and interns. We were so happy and so unaware of the calamity that was about to arrive. These are our last days of bliss at Hedonisia from January to May 2018. Aloha beautiful community!

2017 Hedo Pics!

Hedonisia Eco-Community Photo History in 2017

Intern Alumni & Friends!

Hedonisia Hawaii Intern Eco-Community Manager Team!

Our intern team is not permanent. It is ever changing with new intern team members arriving and leaving throughout the year.

This is our most up to date group! Do not be surprised if you show up and there is a new face you do not see below!

Each Intern is drawn to Hedonisia for a different reason. Yet, as a community of individuals, they come together and work harmoniously managing the community and web projects.

As individuals, they add their own twist to the intern team experience creating a fluid community dynamic that is ever-changing.

We list each intern, sometimes with a link to one of their focus projects which they work on as part of their intern manager duties.

eco-feminist intern in hawaii

Intern Karrie Reproductive Rights focus

2018 Intern Cassandra in South Hawaii

Symphony - Intern 2018

Symphony – Intern 2018

If you are a past intern and do not see your picture, feel free to send us one of your time at Hedonisia. We have had at least a couple hundred interns in our history so it is hard to keep updating everyone’s photos.

Community Intern Alumni & Friends of Hedonisia!

We have had so many great interns in our history that we are trying to add those who made a great impression and left as friends!

Francesca Art Focus Intern

Symphony - Intern 2018

Symphony – Intern 2018

Community Activist Feminist Eco Entrepreneur Research Intern

Joey – 2017 Activist Entrepreneur Intern

 Community Anchor Intern Manager
Robert – 2017: Reproductive Rights Focus

Francesca Intern

Feminist Entrepreneur FocusKesi – Feminist Entrepreneur Focus
Interns from Utah in Hawaii

Rachel – Hedo Intern from Utah

UK Intern in Hawaii

Emma – UK Intern in the Jungle!

German Interns in Hawaii

Annika: German Intern with a machete!

Joanna - Assistant Anchor Intern

Joanna – Assistant Anchor Intern Fall 2015

Anchor Manager 2014-15 Susan

Susan – Body Focus 2014/5

Hawaii Heart, Body, Brain Focus Intern!

Heather – 2015 Feminist Entrepreneur Focus!

Body Work Focus Intern in Hawaii

Jake – 2014 Body Focus

Ka Wai - Intern from Macau

Ka Wai – Intern from Macau

Activist Entrepreneur Focus

Victoria – French Intern 2014

Departing Hawaii Community Intern

Cody Intern 2014 – Body Focus

Hurricane Iselle Interns Cody and Sierra

Sierra: Hurricane Iselle Intern!

Social Enterprise Intern in Hawaii

Max – Hedonisia Handbook Focus Intern 2014

Danish Intern in Hawaii

Fiona – Danish Intern 2014

Dutch Intern in Hawaii

Kat – 2014 Intern from Netherlands

Sustainable Community Manager Internship in Hawaii

Kelsey – 2014 Intern Body Focus

Internship in Hawaii

Abraham – 1st Indian Intern!

EcoFeminist Intern

2014 Eco-Feminist Intern Rhiannon

Feminist Entrepreneur Intern

Cheyanne – 2014 Intern: Focus: Feminist Entrepreneur

Sustainable Community Tech Manager in Hawaii

2014 Community Intern Brandon – Tech Focus

Ecobuilder Intern Manager in Hawaii

Jake – Intern Member 2014: Eco-Building Focus

Youngest Intern in Hawaii!

Our Youngest Intern! 18-year old Vanilla from Austria

Creative Heart Intern

Monique on Heart Work!

Andy 2013: Sustainable Community Manager doing Mind Related Work!

Andy – Intern Manager 2013

Community Intern in Hawaii

Jordie – Anchor Manager 2013

Craig with Jackfruit!

Craig with Jackfruit! Intern Spring 2013

Kara doing Mind Work as part of her Community Manager Internship

Kara 2013 Intern Focus on Mind Work

Tech Manager in Hawaii

Andrew Intern 2013 Tech Focus

Hedonisia Community Garden Bananas

Lauren 2012 Manager & Focus on Web Projects

Joie - Hero Manager! Summer 2012

Joie Summer 2012 Hero Intern Manager!

Hans - Handyman Manager - Winter 2012

Hans Winter 2012 Body Focus Handyman Intern

Colleen & Midnight

Colleen with Midnight 2012 Intern

Chishimba - Early Hedo Manager 2007

Chishimba 2007 Assistant Manager

Heidi & Briana - Managers 2008

Heidi & Briana 2008 Honeymooning Managers

Brandon & Cassondra - Summer & Fall 2012

Brandon & Cassondra 2012 Manager Couple who met at Hedonisia!

Travis - Very Early Manager 2007

Travis 2007 Hedonisia Assistant Manager

Monique - Heart Manager - Winter 2013

Monique Winter 2013 Heart Focused Manager

Shawna - Summer 2013

Shawna – Summer 2013

Chris & Alice - Summer 2008

Chris & Alice 2008 Management Couple

 Lisa - Summer 2008

Lisa Summer 2008 Assistant Manager

Focus on writing book on sustainable community management

Intern Jill 2012 – Hedonisia Handbook

Rosa - Earliest Hedo Manager! 2006

Rosa – Earliest Hedo Manager! 2006

Matt & Earen - Fall 2011

Matt & Earen 2011 Management Team



As a Friend of Hedonisia you enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Priority Intern or Volunteer: Friends of Hedonisia are welcome to return to Hedonisia Hawaii. Because we already know who they are, we try to give them a higher priority especially if we have to choose between them and an applicant who is not known to us or if we have an Over Quota of Applicants.
  2. Volunteer & Intern Fees Reduced! If you return for as a Fair-Trade Volunteer you do not have to pay for the initial 1-Week Tryout Fee, only the weekly volunteer fee.
    If you return as an Intern:

    • within three months then there no extra charge for any Training Update.
    • after 3 months returnees only have to pay a $100 Training Update Fee.
    • after 1 year returning interns only have to pay a $200 Retraining Fee.
  3. Hardship Discount: If you are unable to pay the discounted rate due to financial or personal hardship then write to us and we will do our best to work something out. If you were a hero who really helped us in the past we will try to return the favor. That’s what friends are for 🙂
 Intern Sustainable Community Manager Links: We are happy to answer quick questions but we also require that you are familiar about this unique internship by reading the following links:
  1. Intern Sustainable Community Manager OVERVIEW
  2. Intern FEES: Includes Lodging & Training
  3. Intern FAQ: Questions about our Hawaii Internship
  4. APPLICATION FORM: If you think you’re ready you can apply now!

For quick questions call us during Hawaii business hours: 808-430-9903

2016 Hedo Pics!

We are getting more and more interns and volunteers who are attracted to our Jungle Queen model of female empowerment!


Eco-Heart Repair Work!

Emma from UK on Heart Repair Work!

Rainforest Volunteers in Hawaii

Rainforest Volunteers in Hawaii

jungle volunteer in Hawaii

Hedonisia Volunteer Sophie using a pick-ax to tame the jungle

Hawaiian hibiscus flower in Puna jungle

One of the first hibiscus flowers of Spring


Working in the Puna Rainforest

Pleasureful is a morning’s work in the rainforest!

Cat in the rainforest

Cleo is cute and so is recycling!

Yoga cat

Khalifa says, “Make sure you spray that mat with tea tree oil after each use!”

Cabin in Hawaiian rainforest

Hedonisia volunteer Charlotte beautifies Kahuna Cabin

Marlane painting Hawaiian hut

Volunteer Marlane’s rendition of a Jungle Queen


Hawaiian pet chicken

Mojo shares a laugh with Barbara (the hen) in the Smoking Temple


Cat at home in the rainforest

Cleo presides over the Pussy Palace


Yoga session in Puna, Hawaii

Friends do a yoga sesh in the Yoga Barn at Hedonisia


Women work in the jungles of Hawaii

Volunteers Lora (Bulgaria) and Charlotte (Connecticut) pose by Garden R

Volcanic crater in Hawaii

Emily, Amy and Brigid working in Hedonisia’s own volcanic crater!

Woman clearing bush in Hawaii

Intern Lauren shows us how it’s done with the chainsaw!

Coconut juice in Puna

Volunteer Noelani refreshes with coconut water

Pulling weeds and gardening in Puna

Anna, Emily and Rachel after pulling weeds all morning

Safe Hitchhiking in Hawaii

Hitchhiking in Hawaii

2015 Hedo Pics!



2014 Hedo Pics!



2013 Hedo Pics!

Hedonisia Volunteer posting at the newly completed Puka Hale

Intern Jordi at the newly completed Puka Hale

Hedonisia rainforest art in hangout area

Newly completed rainforest art in hangout area

Community members pose in front of Hedonisia's Yoga Barn

Community members pose in front of Hedonisia’s Yoga Barn

Hedonisia volunteer displays his geometric creation

Volunteer Konrad displays his geometric creation

Community member works on earthship staircase down into Hedonisia's volcanic crater

Community member works on earthship staircase down into Hedonisia’s volcanic crater

Hedonisia Community Member works on trail going into the puka on property.

Hedonisia Community Member works on trail going into the puka on property.

Made with aloha in Hawaii

Made with aloha in Hawaii

Community member poses in front of kitchen/hangout area

Intern Monique in front of kitchen/hangout area

One of the iterations of the area to the side of the shower

One of the iterations of the area to the side of the shower

Hedonisia Photo History 2012

2011 Hedonisia Photo History

Rainforest office in Hawaii

Interns holding it down in the old Hedonisia Office Space!

jungle bathroom sink face washing facilities

The morning sink, back before the palm tree grew over it

jungle loding in Hawaii

Kahuna Cabin, in its 2011 incarnation

rainforest yoga mat

Julia pauses for moment to bring herself closer to union with the universe

jungle lodgings in hawaii farm farming

View of Lono Hale from Bamboo Bungalow in 2011

rollinia hawaii fruits of hawaii

Mojo with a delicious rollinia from the tree near Bamboo Bungalow

shadecloth jungle sun hawaii nursery

This is what we used the fridges for before they became worm compost bins