Hedonisia Hawaii Community History

Crowdfund to Rebirth Hedonisia. Our little eco-community welcomed visitors from around the world. Now we ask the world to make a contribution, or to publicize our cause to help rebirth Hedonisia Hawaii from the ashes of the volcano.

A Brief Community History of our Rainforest Home in Hawaii!

When we purchased the land in 2004, it was a junkyard with rusted vehicles strewn around the property. Our iconic volcanic crater was filled with garbage, tires and scrap metal.

hawaii eco tourism volunteers couples
Cozy Nook Hut

Jungle foliage had grown over much of the junk. It was only when we began to clean up the land that we realized what a gigantic polluted mess we had bought!

Slowly, over the years, and with the enthusiastic help of many Volunteers and Interns, we began to restore the land to its natural beauty. At our own expense, we removed 18 junked vehicles left by the previous owner. We also took out 7 truckloads of industrial garbage and over 50 tires from the Jungle Volcanic Crater.

As you can see in our Community History of Photos, there are still a few old vehicle relics around the property from the pre-Hedo days. However, the land has been mostly restored to its natural beauty.

Our volcanic crater is now one of the most popular attractions on the property! We divided the property into 26 ‘gardens’ that are either decorative or produce food for our volunteers and guests.

Our environmental work does not stop there. We are active in local politics supporting legislation that protects communities such as ours that face continual government persecution.

And though we do a lot of land and agricultural work, our community history continues to evolve. Our community is never stagnant!

We now operate as an ‘eco-feminist‘ community. We specialize in female empowering Mind, Body and Heart work, bringing a more feminist focus to our community. Men get the opportunity to be in a community that is working both online and at the community level for female equality.