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1 Sep

Affordable Hawaii Property for Sale

After Hedonisia's destruction in the 2018 volcano eruption, we started to build a tiny home in the guava forest on another piece of land that we own nearby. We completed a sturdy 12' x 16' tiny home house pad foundation.

Due to Covid and budgetary restraint, we decided to put this property up for sale. It is located in a lovely strawberry guava forest in the Black Sand Beach Subdivision.

Mojo & Bodhi creating a solid lumber foundation for a Tiny Home on the BlackSands propertySelling this beautiful piece of land which I've owned for 15 years, would give more funds to start rebuilding on our original property when roads are built and we have access to our land once again.

The house pad is a solid built foundation made of dimensional lumber. On this pad, elevated approximately 5’ from the ground, you can build the tiny home of your dreams. Or you could create a temporary shelter while building a home on the adjoining parcel of land.

To preserve the forest we have already done some limited clearing and building the foundation for a tiny home. A pathway was created leading to a house pad for the tiny home.

We have covered the housing pad with a double layer of tarpaulin to protect it.

Now it is just waiting for you to build your dream tiny home on it.

In addition guava was harvested and over 30 of the best guava wood logs were saved and stored. Strawberry Guava is a fast growing hardwood in Hawaii. These logs are curing and will be ready for use in any construction.

Small clearing on Black Sands Property
Small clearing on Black Sands Property

While keeping the forest look numerous natural paths have been created that connect both properties. The border has been landscaped with colorful decorative tropical plants. These partially developed plots of land are a beautiful blank canvas for you to build an affordable dream home in paradise.

So for an affordable price, you can purchase land in Hawaii as an insurance getaway for your future home in paradise.

12' x 16' Tiny Home Lumber Foundation is included in sale.

We are offering this sale through our Real Estate Agent. We can accept cash offers, or Owner Financing through our Hawaii Real Estate Agent. Sale includes 2 parcels: TMK 3-1-2-20-61 and TMK 3-1-2-20-62.

This video gives a lovely overview of the property and the tiny house pad

Seller conditions:

  • $10,000 minimum downpayment.
  • $500 a month payments.
  • 6% interest.
  • Penalty fee $25 per day for late payment.
  • Repossession after 6 months default.


Total Land Area: 16,910 square feet.

Price: $57,000

Contact RE Agent: (808) 430- 2871 Nicolette@BigislandBrokers.com


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