2011 Hedonisia Photo History

31 Dec

Rainforest office in Hawaii
Interns holding it down in the old Hedonisia Office Space!

jungle bathroom sink face washing facilities
The morning sink, back before the palm tree grew over it

jungle loding in Hawaii
Kahuna Cabin, in its 2011 incarnation

rainforest yoga mat
Julia pauses for moment to bring herself closer to union with the universe

jungle lodgings in hawaii farm farming
View of Lono Hale from Bamboo Bungalow in 2011

rollinia hawaii fruits of hawaii
Mojo with a delicious rollinia from the tree near Bamboo Bungalow

shadecloth jungle sun hawaii nursery
This is what we used the fridges for before they became worm compost bins
Hedonisia-papayas Rooster-Hedonisia
Hangout-area-2011 mojo-and-duck
Nursery-Hedonisia-2011 Trail-to-Bamboo
Trail-to-Kahuna Tire-trail-to-Ocean-View
Roadway-into-Hedonisia Wild-pig-for-dinner
Midnight-the-cat Fruits-of-Hedonisia-2011
Flowers-of-hedonisia The-heart-of-hedonisia
Linda-Yoga-Barn Garden-Kahuna
Bamboo-Pee-Garden Rainbow-over-kahuna