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Sustainable resources for activist entrepreneurs, ecofeminists and those who wish to make a living by making a difference.

Hedonisia is a creative community of social entrepreneur projects with a focus on gender equality, reproductive rights, and activist entrepreneurship. All our projects including the art murals above, began at the Pre-Volcano Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Feminist Community with the help of interns and volunteers from around the world.

Hedonisia Hawaii Pre-Volcano Jungle Queen Mural
Hedonisia Hawaii Pre-Volcano Jungle Queen Mural

Our projects are based on social entrepreneur principles we practiced at Hedonisia Hawaii. Living in paradise allowed us to practice ‘pleasurable activism’! We worked hard to play a role in improving the world but also to have fun doing so!

Sadly Hedonisia Hawaii was destroyed in the Kilauea volcano eruption of 2018. The picture above is the Hedonisia Community barn as it was just before the eruption.

We are preparing to rebuild. We created the Hedonisia Hawaii Rebirth Crowdfund and invite you to support us in our Post-Volcano Projects.

Hedonisia Creative Entrepreneur Portfolio

It was a foundation of our community to show how social entrepreneurship can play a role in addressing various problems both in society and the environment. We continue to do this work post-volcano with the Hedo Feminista Web Portfolio.

Post-Volcano Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community Site: HedonisiaHawaii.com