Hedonisia Creative Entrepreneur Productions

Practical & Pleasurable Social Activism!

Hedonisia Creative Entrepreneur Productions is our portfolio of websites with a focus on gender equality, reproductive rights, progressive activism using a social entrepreneur approach.

Traditionally young people and many progressives such as environmentalists or feminists, argue that capitalism is exploitative. And all too often it is.

Donald Trump embodies nearly every stereotype of negative capitalism. From corruption, nepotism, bribery, slumlord, shady real estate deals. His list of ways to corrupt capitalism goes on and on.

However, as we teach in our Video eCourse the Activist Entrepreneur, capitalism does not have to be this way.

Young people have started political revolutions, often accompanied by a great deal of bloodshed, in order to start fresh without the stain of capitalism. The Communist revolutions of China and Russia were against capitalism. The Islamic revolution in Iran wanted to replace decadent capitalism with theocracy. All had millions of idealistic youth doing a lot of killing and dying to create a ‘perfect society’.

However, trade is the oldest of human enterprises and has great potential for good as well as corporate evil. In the Age of the Internet with its limitless potential, the youth of today have an opportunity to change capitalism from within!

Many of these social entrepreneur projects started at Hedonisia Hawaii. All of them evolved there with the help of many interns and volunteers.

All of our projects were based on the same social entrepreneur principle we practiced at Hedonisia Hawaii. And that is the principle of ‘pleasurable activism’. We want to play our role in improving the world but also to have fun and make an income doing so.

Welcome to Hedonisia Productions!