Pleasure and Purpose in a Diverse World

We offer a portfolio of books, and communication workshops both live and video, that address issues related to gender, race, culture, diversity, and social identity politics.

In many professional, social, or intimate settings, communicating with people who are different from us can sometimes feel challenging. Nobody wants to be accused of intolerance or prejudice. As a result, we continually self-censor due to fear of offending a person from a "marginalized" group.

This two-way sensitivity often results in less communication between people. And when people from different groups don't communicate it can lead to more misunderstandings between different groups in the long run. We see that in the current divisiveness in America and many other countries worldwide.

It is often through free and open conversations with people of different races, genders, and other social identities that solutions to society's various problems can be found. Hedo Feminista emphasizes free speech and empowerment rather than a victim-based approach to equality when dealing with issues such as education, economics, and violence. 

i. Hedonisia DFS (Diversity and Free Speech) Communication Workshops

  1. Private Zoom Sessions. Many individuals wish to learn communication tools that maximize free speech while respecting individual diversity. They may feel uncomfortable in a larger workshop because they have work or social situations involving race, gender and so on which they wish to discuss privately.
  2. DFS Communication Workshop. Unlike many current DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) individuals can enjoy communication with diverse people in social or professional settings. We teach how to personalize rather than politicize offense which tends to deescalate tensions that can arise when someone feels offended by a joke or criticism they feel is sexist, homophobic, racist, and so on.

Our goal is to encourage friendly conversation and debate about any subject in a world of diversity while still maintaining respect for personal sensitivities. This is a useful skill to have in these divided times.

ii. Pleasurable Activism Publications - Hedonisia Book Trilogy

Members receive full access to all books and articles. Members can also read our ebooks while they are still Draft Manuscripts and give live critiques or input. 

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